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triple j Hottest 100 - 1993

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triple j's countdown of the year's biggest tracks, as voted by listeners.


1Creep2Linger3No Rain4Cannonball5Killing In the Name6Lemon7Go (Remastered)8The Honeymoon Is Over9Stone Me Into The Groove (Remastered 2016)10Everybody Hurts11Plush12Soul To Squeeze13I Held Her In My Arms14Wild America15Sister Havana16Hits from the Bong17Go West (2003 Remaster)18Trout19Heart-Shaped Box20Black Stick21The Ship Song (Live)22Human Behaviour23What's Up?24Feed the Tree25Are You Gonna Go My Way26All That She Wants27Constant Craving28Numb29Jessie30Pets31Cantaloop (Flip Fantasia) [feat. Rahsaan & Gerard Presencer]32Shoop33The Right Time (Remaster 2005)34My Sister35Get Me36Friday I'm In Love37Push Th' Little Daisies38World Turning (Rawak Mix)39Dreams40Cherub Rock (Remastered 2011)41Juice42Start Choppin'43Detachable Penis44Tease Me45Night of the Wolverine 146Bi47Adam's Ribs (Remastered 2013)48Would?49Runaway Train50Taillights Fade51Holy Grail52Alive and Brilliant53Can You Forgive Her? (2001 Remaster)54Choppers (Helibator Mix)55Jesus Was Way Cool (Millennium Edition)56You're Just Too Hip, Baby57Distant Sun58Easy59Nearly Lost You60Regret61Something Good62Boom Shack-A-Lak (Edit)63Mr. Vain64Animal Nitrate (Remastered)65Nothingness66Mr. Wendal67Ain't No Love (Ain't No Use) [feat. Melanie Williams]68The Drowners (Remastered)69Lost70Deep71Mrs. Robinson (Remastered)72Rooster73Insane In The Brain74Green Limousine75Your Eyes (Remix)76Bullet In the Head77Three Little Pigs78World (Price of Love)79Do It80Dixie Drug Store81Aboriginal Woman82For Tomorrow (2012 Remaster)83Happy Birthday Helen84I Feel You85Man On The Moon (Live)86Sweat87Delivery Man88Candy Everybody Wants89Rubberband Girl (2011 Remastered Version)90Freedom91Ebeneezer Goode (Beat Edit)92Gloria