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triple j Hottest 100 - 2008

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triple j's countdown of the year's biggest tracks, as voted by listeners.


1Sex on Fire2Electric Feel3Use Somebody4Walking On A Dream5Kids6Talk Like That7The Festival Song [feat. 360 & Hailey Cramer]8This Boys In Love9That's Not My Name10Jimmy Recard11My Delirium12Embrace13The King is Dead14No Sex for Ben15Lights & Music16You Don't Know Me (Seeds Version)17Dance Wiv Me (Radio Edit) [feat. Calvin Harris & Chrome]18Time to Pretend19Business Time20Broken Bones21Skinny Love22Silhouettic23White Noise24Closer25Never Miss a Beat26Paris Is Burning27The Lighthouse Song28That Beep29Make You Happy30Oxford Comma31Bird Of Feather32A-Punk33Always Where I Need To Be34Burn Bridges35Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!36I Will Possess Your Heart (Radio Edit)37I Said I'm Sorry38Something Is Not Right With Me39I Like You So Much Better When You're Naked40Eye Of The Storm41Jungle Drum42Ghosts43Flippers (Remastered 10th Anniversary Edition)44The Fear45Coca Cola46Stay With Me Bright Eyes47Young Love (Featuring Laura Marling)48Breakout49Wild Eyed Boy50Human51Window and the Watcher52Baby53Your Party54Yippiyo-Ay55L.E.S. Artistes56Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa57Where the City Meets the Sea58The Most Beautiful Girl (In The Room)59The Sea Is Rising60Sleepwalking61202062Dawn Of The Dead63White Winter Hymnal64Farewell Rocketship65Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros66We Are The People67Ready For The Floor68Crawl69One (Blake's Got A New Face)70No One's Gonna Love You71Spaceman72I'm Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You73Half Full Glass Of Wine74Polka75Shut Up and Let Me Go76Jealousy77Aw Yeah78Pork And Beans79Ulysses80Carve Your Name81Re-Education (Through Labor)82198183Another Way to Die84The Day That Never Comes85Love Lockdown (Album Version)86Fuck You87Neopolitan Dreams88Propane Nightmares89Gobbledigook90Woodstock 200891Wearing My Rolex (Radio Edit)92Flex (Dave Spoon ReFlex)93Are You Interested94I Like It, I Love It95It's A War